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Because of all the variables with bases sizes, headboards, mattress covers and upholstery, we can only show a very small sample on our web site. Swansea Waterbeds carries a range of about  20 different waterbeds and just one of those, the Akva Deco, comes in 16 different sizes, can have any one of 6 styles of headboard,  4 different style bases in 6 different woods, 12 styles of cover material and a large range of colours.  In order to see the complete complement, please call in at our showroom.  If after checking all the different styles and combinations of waterbed we offer, you still can't find that perfect fit, then we do offer a custom made service.

Soft-sided Waterbeds

The majority of waterbeds we sell are soft-sided. There are several makes of 'soft-siders' and our long experience of retailing waterbeds has given us the expertise to pick the best. There are cheaper beds available on the market, but we have found that it pays huge dividends to use nothing but the best.

We are the only suppliers in South West Wales of the Danish made Akva beds, which are the finest quality waterbeds in Europe and we also stock both entry level and family waterbeds made in the UK. The final type of soft-sided waterbed we sell are frame beds where a soft-sided waterbed mattress sits upon a traditional wooden frame.

Our Soft-sided Waterbed Range


Soft-sided Waterbeds

Hard-sided Waterbeds

Hard-sided waterbeds give style and substance to a bedroom and can blend in well with the existing decor. They can range from a simple yet functional 'box' construction, through many more stylish & ornate models, on to chunkier, beautiful and classic pine beds, and all the way up to the more exotic leather, circular and four poster treats!  In addition we sometimes have refurbished hard-sided waterbeds in store which are great for the guest bedroom.

Our Hard-sided Waterbed Range



Hard-sided waterbeds

Waterbed Accessories

Waterbed Accessories

We stock and supply all the basic waterbed consumables: Conditioner, vinyl cleaner, air extractors etc. We always keep some 'water pillows' in stock. We supply sheets and pillow cases in most sizes and colours and even have Akva satin sheets available. Finally we also stock replacement parts such as heaters, comfitectors and new mattresses.

Our Range of Accessories

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