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We spend around one third of our lives in one single place: in Bed! It should be a place that gives us comfort, warmth, and security. We, and our thousands of satisfied customers, believe that the best nights' sleep you can get is on one of our waterbeds. They provide an environment for us to enjoy both physical and mental relaxation, which means we have less stress, less discomfort and a much improved quality of life.

Do you know the difference between  a "hard-sided" and "soft-sided" waterbed?

Hardsided Waterbed  Softsided Waterbed

How is a waterbed designed to prevent water leakage in that rare occurrence that someone stabs a knife into your waterbed?
Why is a waterbed is better than a traditional mattress?
What are the medical benefits of a waterbed?
What sizes do water beds come in? How much does a waterbed Cost?
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