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MYTH: I will feel seasick on a Waterbed!
Not at all. Unless you move, a Waterbed will not move. Any motion you give to the mattress tends to be gentle and soothing, and ceases as soon as you stop moving.

TRUE: Waterbeds are good for my back?
A Waterbed provides the best support your back can get. When you lie on a flotation mattress, the water displaces to contour to your shape. The bed does not sag or distort. Even a decade later, your Waterbed will be as comfortable as the day you bought it.

MYTH: I need my bedroom floor reinforced!
NO. We do not know of any instance of a Waterbed damaging the floor. The weight of a Waterbed is well distributed by the purpose build pedestal, and the pressure on the floor is less that that of a person in a bath.

TRUE: Waterbeds good for asthma sufferers?
Waterbeds are highly recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers because a water-filled mattress cannot absorb dust or bacteria. They do NOT provide a breeding ground for bed mites, unlike an ordinary bed, and they are easily cleaned with a vinyl cleaner. The removable covers can be washed in a domestic washing machine for a clean and hygienic sleeping environment.

MYTH: The ceiling will be ruined if the mattress bursts!
Waterbed mattresses are extremely tough, and are most unlikely to puncture in almost any circumstances, unless attacked directly with a very sharp, or very pointed instrument.  If this did happen, however, the water would be contained within the bed by a separate outer waterproof layer that is part of the bed, preventing any leakage onto the floor. 

TRUE: Waterbeds offer a better sleeping environment?
A waterbed works by distributing body weight evenly over the body are in contact with the bed. This eliminates pressure points, and so on a waterbed, you do not toss and turn in your sleep. This allows much deeper sleep, and you awake more rested.

MYTH: A waterbed will be cold to sleep on!
No, they’re warmed thermostatically to skin temperature keeping you warm in winter - cool in summer.

TRUE: Are there medical benefits with a Waterbed?
Many. In fact, the medical benefits of Waterbeds were being appreciated and developed long before the modern commercial Waterbed was in production. It was realised by the medical profession that a Waterbed relieved bedsores and assisted in the recovery of burns patients. The gentle, even support and warmth of a Waterbed is particularly beneficial to those suffering from arthritis or rheumatism.

MYTH: I am heavier than my partner they will be thrown out of bed when I get in!
A Waterbed supports you equally so you will both be comfortable on a Waterbed. If the weight difference is great, then you can get a Waterbed with two mattresses in it. Either way you both stay in bed.

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